About The Loaded Dice Network

About Loaded Dice Network

LDN-text with logo Loaded Dice Network is a Podcast Network centered around nerd culture and the creators who love it.  We want to make you laugh, we want to make you think, and, if its your thing, we want to make you drink (we certainly will be!).  We celebrate nerd culture, analyze it, and criticize it in equal measure.  We're a bunch of friends sitting around the gaming table, enjoying a few beers, and talking about the stuff we love.  Come join us for a pint and a game!  

The Loaded Dice Network Podcasts

Loaded Dice Cast


The podcast that started it all.  A bunch of friends get together over beers and talk about the nerd things they care about.  An all encompassing geek culture podcast specializing in Intellectual Debate, Drunken Rants and Dick Jokes.  The soul of the Network, we call her, "The Mothership."


The Whiskey Rebellion

whisky-rebellion3The Loaded Dice Crew takes to the gaming table!  This is an actual play RPG podcast where the funniest members of the Loaded Dice Network family get together for some dice rolling action over some drinks, and we record the whole thing!  Join the crew of the Spruce Bantha as they play the Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG from Fantasy Flight Games, and tell a lot of silly jokes along the way.

Loaded Panels

Keeping with the tradition set by it's topic, Loaded Panels is a monthly podcast that delves into the world of comics. Hosted by John with a rotating set of panelists, the show takes a look at comic book culture with both what is popular and maybe some gems you might have missed. Every episode has 12 COLLECTIBLE COVERS and is tied into the latest Loaded Dice Network storyline which currently is INFINITE DICE WARS UNITED!  


House of the Rising SunA sloppy drunken lovemaking session with the greatest network TV drama ever created: LOST.  Dubs and Kevin take the opportunity to review each episode of LOST in audio detail that generally exceeds the run time of the episode by a factor of two, to simulate the beautiful, interstitial time between episodes, from when TV was still delivered by weekly drip rather than consumed en masse via bingewatching.  Meanders of philosophy, literature, thematics and politics are all explored, whether they be dead ends, red herrings, special boys or the heart of the island.  We get drunk and sentimental, grow out our beards and yell to the internet: "WE HAVE TO GO BACK!"  

Learn About Beer

LAB-logo-simple_smallAn Introduction to the Finer Points of the World’s Oldest and Most Popular Adult Beverage.
The past few decades have seen tremendous upheaval in the world of brewing, from an industry that was dominated by a few, mostly similar styles to one with a dizzying array of flavors, colors and textures. Dan McD is here to unravel beer's mysteries for neophytes and connoisseurs alike by exploring the history, science, art and craft of beer in all its forms. One of the best ways to enjoy a beer is with a story, and this podcast has plenty of them. So sit back and enjoy a pint as you Learn About Beer.

The Loaded Dice Network Family

Kevin LoadedDice

192692_10150121472852731_2583604_oThe Head Idiot in Charge of the Loaded Dice Network.  Kevin is a noted enthusiast for terrible puns, great beer, board games, strategy games and drinking games.  Chiefly responsible for Loaded Dice Cast and The Whiskey Rebellion, Kevin spends much of the rest of his free time thinking about Star Wars, and advocating for the advancement and betterment of all nerd-kind.



Dubs LoadedDice

FullSizeRenderThe cheesus media of the Loaded Dice Network, Dubs is the executive producer and host of several LDN shows such as Sauct, Not So Silent Protagonists and The Last Bender, as well as a core Loaded Dice Cast member. Dubs enjoys Final Fantasy (drink), Megaman (drink again), Metal Gear Solid (keep going), the Legend of Zelda (just finish the bottle), brown liquor and clinging to his plebe console gamer/Japanophile ways. Rumor has it that Loaded Dice Network was launched as a vehicle for Dubs to opine and wax jocular, as his considerable sloth disallowed him from conveying liquid awesome into the world through written word.


John L

Hailing from Parts Unknown (Iowa), John specializes in things that would make Jon Waters blush. He makes a hobby out of knowing next to nothing about comics, but loving them all the same. But as backup he is also really interested in pro wrestling, grew up watching Tremors far too many times, listens to Clutch and The Bags, losing a lot of close matches in tabletop gaming and playing videogames long after others have. When he isn’t too busy reciting the Necronomicon to a classroom of 1st graders in hopes of appeasing the dark lord, John can be found on Twitter at twitter.com/burntweiners



Maya is a professional Fairygodmother, specializing in storytime, dancing in the kitchen, snuggles, teatime, all things sugar and spice and has a Poppins Certificate and advanced degree in Earth Mother Studies.  Maya was raised on a healthy diet of English literature, Star Trek, Star Wars, PBS, Astronomy and The Classics - Music, Rock and Film. Maya is also an amateur Herbalist, loves to cook, hosts grassroots fundraisers, loves to travel the world and in space & time and is a working Singer and Actor.  Maya's goal in life is to be "a Light in dark places when all other lights go out".


Evan LoadedDice

1015353_938077718034_327474625_oEvan is a Mercenary Gun for Hire working primarily in the Yavin system, but for the right price he'll boldly go where no one has gone before. He is a Rogue, class A, and excels in debaucherous chicanery. Evan graduated from the School for Scoundrels where he majored in Cookery. Evan also happens to be the audio editor for Loaded Dice Cast, as well as a core cast member, a graphics and content contributor to the LDN site, and the esteemed and venerated GM of The Whiskey Rebellion.  His word is law.  Evan is getting his MA in Media Studies and is a multimedia chimera whose work you can check out here: http://www.solcardproductions.com/.  Ideally though, he spends his days Reminiscin' this-n-thattin' havin such a good time, Oo-de-lally, oo-de-lally, Golly what a day.

Ashley Awoww

1436666537586What kind of father lets his seven year old daughter watch him play Resident Evil on stormy nights with the lights out? However you answer that question is up to you, but either way it spawned a ruthless, zombie slaying, Spartan blasting, Tropico El Presidente with a penchant for vodka and double bass.
Awoww is LDN's resident audiophile and console gamer that can recall Resident Evil history and lore like a habitual drunk can recall the alphabet backwards (she may be able to do both). She spends her evenings supporting and promoting upcoming bands on the Loaded Ladies podcast and brings you quality videos of her horror game escapades. Follow her on Twitter if you want the skinny on bands in town and new album drops along with streaming dates and pictures of her dog.


311010_4722517493143_113210532_nLydia aka Lideyuh (pronunciation without phonetics is hard) has been a closeted music/gaming nerd just about her entire life. From playing her brothers Super Mario and Duck Hunt when he's not looking, to staying up as late as possible playing Kingdom Hearts at her cousin's house during Christmas, to envying all her friends that went to Bonaroo and Warped Tour. Dating a nerd, and a backwards compatible PS3 was all she needed to break out of her shell.  An aspiring career nerd, you can find Lydia streaming, or writing console related articles for Heartgamingg.com. She is one of the two ladyhosts for the Loaded Dice Network music and gaming podcast Loaded Ladies, where you can hear all manner of opinions on those subjects, and more.


1f26b85Derek is a founding member of Loaded Dice Cast and our resident expert on game design and being wrong.  Derek's passions include opaque game mechanics, steep learning curves and both creating and solving problems (not necessarily in that order).   Any statements Derek makes are his own, and do not represent the views of his employers, the Loaded Dice Network, or any other sensible human being.


Dan McD

V__90A3Loaded Dice’s resident beer geek, Dan McD’s introduction to the world of beer was like so many others; over games of beer pong and quarters. Over the next several years he would flirt with connecting to the larger universe of beer by trying various brews without any real clue as to what he was doing, frequently attracted by an eye-catching label featuring something like a shark or a pirate ship. Eventually a trip to a brewery opened his eyes to all that beer had to offer and like any good nerd he dove head-first into his new hobby without checking to see how deep the hole went. He now spends most of his free time seeking out and drinking great beer, reading about beer, listening to podcasts about beer, and brewing his own beer. He gladly shares everything he discovers on his podcast, Learn About Beer. Follow him on Twitter and Untappd as DanMcD674.

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