Beasts of the Week – 1/26/2015 GoT, Penny Dreadful, Super Bowl Fun


A Game of TV and Novels

So this is a late submission, but Harper Collins dropped the news that there will be no new Game Of Thrones series novel coming this year. Don’t get pissed, breathe, and deal with it. We know that this won’t effect the HBO GoT, since the writers are aware of the broad strokes of what R.R. is planning on writing.  Personally I think it would be hilarious if his final stories are completely different from the TV show as a huge trolling of people who don’t read books.

2 Dreadful Pennies

More Penny Dreadful is on it’s way with an even sexier Season 2.

Super Fatal Sunday

In honor of the Super Bowl Sunday ritual, Conan had Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowsk over for a friendly match of the unreleased Mortal Kombat X. It was simply an AMAZING episode of Clueless Gamer.

Street view Photography is Weird

The discovery of strange stuff is nothing new for the internets, but the coincidental moments captured by Google street view cars is bizarre.



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