Loaded Panels Spotlight: Chrono Trigger


I was listening to The Not So Silent Protagonists the other day, and they were talking about the cut-scenes from the versions of Chrono Trigger that followed the original SNES release. It really got me thinking of how much I really liked the art style and design of the characters in the game, in those cut-scenes, and even some fan art that I had periodically found and saved on my computer over the years. This led me to once again spend most of a night looking through Google searches, Deviant Art, Tumblr and a few other places on the internet looking for some killer pieces.

To my surprise it was a bit more difficult to find than I anticipated. As popular of a game as Chrono Trigger would surely have hundreds of thousands of tribute pieces and art inspired by the game, and while this may be true, most of it is doodles or quick scribbles here and there. Even the Chrono Trigger collections on Deviant art were a bit lacking, and those things tend to be packed full of gems. So I rounded up my favorite and posted them below in a gallery, which also includes some pieces of art used in the manual and game guides that I always enjoyed. Also included is art from Loaded Panels Episode #3’s guest Bobgar Ornelas who I commissioned a Frog piece from that was done for a great buddy of mine.

Some of my favorites in the gallery below are redesigns of the characters done by Bakanaartist on Deviant Art. I know Square Enix has a nasty habit of shutting down fan projects of Chrono Trigger (Crimson Echoes and Chrono Resurrection), but I would love to see the game get an update that in this DLC fueled world we live in let you download art packs from varying artists to give a new look and layout to the game. Bakanaartist’s designs would be at the top of my wishlist.

So while I sit here wishing Chrono Trigger would get the Legend Of Zelda: Hyrule Historia treatment that it and it’s long devoted fans probably deserve and would support, I type in “Chrono Cross” into the search engine and Deviant Art and hope this search is more bountiful.

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