Loaded Panels Spotlight: Comic Book History Of Beer Preview


Listeners of Learn About Beer and/or Loaded Panels might find interest in a graphic novel that released this week. The Comic Book Story of Beer is an offering for people who like their booze history lesson to be accompanied by some impressive artwork and layouts. I am most of the way through the book and enjoying the hell out of it. Hopefully Dan and I will be able to talk a bit more in depth about it in an upcoming podcast.

Here are a couple places to find the book, or you can check you local book store or comic shop to see if it is available there: Indie Bound or Amazon

cbsob_coverThe Comic Book Story of Beer

By Jonathan Hennessey and Mike Smith; Illustrated by Aaron McConnell

From the celebrated team that brought us the U.S. Constitution and Gettysburg Address graphic adaptations comes the first-ever nonfiction graphic novel on beer—as easy and enjoyable to read as beer is to drink.  Through the dynamic pairing of meticulously researched history and lively, detailed artwork, The Comic Book Story of Beer traces beer’s influence through world history, encapsulating early man’s experiments with fermentation, the rise and fall of Ancient Rome, the (often beer-related) factors that led Europe out of the Dark Ages, the Age of Exploration, the spread of capitalism, the Reformation, and on up to the contemporary explosion of craft brewing. No book has ever told the story of beer in a graphic format as a liberating or emancipating force that improved the life of everyday people. Visually riffing on abstract subjects like pasteurization, “original gravity,” and “lagering,” artist Aaron McConnell has a flair for cinematic action and demonstrates versatility in depicting characters and episodes from beer’s rich history. Hand-drawn in a classic, accessible style, The Comic Book Story of Beer makes a great gift, and will appeal to the most avid comic book geek and those who live for beer.  

Click any of the below images for a larger preview.

Reprinted with permission from The Comic Book Story of Beer, by Jonathan Hennessey and Mike Smith, copyright © 2015, published by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC. Artwork copyright © 2015 by Aaron McConnell.


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