Loaded Panels Spotlight: Geoff Darrow


On the first episode of Loaded Panels, one of the artists we talked about briefly is Geoff Darrow. I figured I would throw this together to show off some of his artwork, recommend some of his books and drop in a little bit more information for anyone not familiar with him. Darrow is a very talented artist that crams a very high amount of detail into his work (leading some to believe he is a madman) as you can see below. Click on any of the images for an expanded view.


Geoff Darrow – Legend of Korra

Quick Facts About Geoff Darrow:

  • Worked at Hanna-Barbera, where he contributed to Super Friends and other shows
  • Has worked with Frank Miller, Moebius, and the Wachowski siblings
  • Was a visual concept artist for all three Matrix movies




Recommendations For Reading:

  • Hard Boiled (Dark Horse) – Darrow teamed up with Frank Miller(Sin City) for this miniseries that I would highly recommend for anyone who has enjoy Phillip K. Dick’s writing or movies based on his works. It is a dark and morbid tale following a tax collector who comes to realize he may not be what he thinks he is during a pretty insane and carnage filled chase of some debtors. Beautiful art, and a great introduction to both Darrow and Miller for anyone not really familiar with either.
  • Shaolin Cowboy (Burleyman/Dark Horse) – Combining some wry humor with true wit and a buttload of violence, this is probably the book the majority of the comics world know him for. Following a monk who travels with a mule that won’t shut the hell up, this book is just fight scene after fight scene with crazy hillbillies, zombies, demons and all sorts of twisted baddies.




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