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High Point Brewing Company in Butler, New Jersey, brewers of Ramstein beer, recently held an open house and launch party for their winter seasonal beer, a dopplebock they call Winter Wheat. High Point founder and president Greg Zaccardi gave the crowd a tour of the facilities in the afternoon.

Ramstein Beer opened in 1996 and is named for the town of Ramstein, Germany, home of the largest U.S. base in Europe. The founder, Greg, trained as a brewer and brewed professionally in Germany before bringing those skills back to the States.

The Beer

The company brews only German-style beers. In addition to the dopplebock, the tasting room while I was there had on tap a Berliner weisse, an amber lager and a kristallweizen (a hefeweizen that has been filtered to be clear instead of cloudy).

Other than the water, which comes from a local reservoir, all of the ingredients for their beers are imported from Germany, making the beers as authentic as you can get in the United States. Most of their beer is sent out on draft, but a small amount is bottled.

High Point can be found online at, on Facebook, Twitter. and Instagram. Here are some pictures from their open house.


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