October Horrorthon: The Horroring 2015 Part 4


For the past 5 years I have thrown in with the faithfuls and bandwagon jumpers and have committed to one horror movie a day for the month of October. Why this month in particular? Well simple my dear sir or madam, because while everyone knows that June is the scariest month (duh!), for some reason the governments of North America have declared October “spooky central” and enforce mandatory horrorthons for men and women of 18 years of age or older. We actually have it pretty easy, it used to be horrorthongs for anyone caught not wearing orange and black at any given moment. Horrorthongs are made out of barbwire, salt and spiders.

I have been trucking right along, so here are some more that I have watched this month with a little blurb about each to let you know if they are worth your time watching them.

Twins of Evil

“God is calling on us who believe in His holy word to stamp out that evil, to seek out the devil worshippers, and to purify their spirits so that they may find mercy at the seat of the Lord… by burning them!”

I love this flick! I didn’t first hear of this movie from them, but the guys over at Professor Cushing Crypt of the Macabre Podcast chose it for one of their episodes last year and that was the first time I watched it, and I think it was one of their best picks so far! Eerie, unnerving and a load of fun to watch, I truly hope you don’t skip over British horror flicks or movies that look “old” just because they dont look like today’s products. The costumes, the sex appeal, the blood, the fact that one of the actor’s look like he could be Jimmy Fallon’s father! Made a really great rewatch for me.

The Wolfman (2010)

“It was about twenty-five years ago now. My pa found him: Quinn Noddy and all his flock. Brains, guts and God-knows-what lying across the moor. And the look on Quinn’s face. Like he’d been eaten alive. Whatever did it, it was big, had claws, and didn’t mind a load of buckshot. After that, me father went home. He melted down my ma’s wedding spoons, and cast silver bullets off ’em. He wouldn’t leave the house on a full moon from then on.”

This is a remake of the 1941 classic and is easily one of my favorite horror flicks every made! I am a sucker for a really good were-creature movie, but being perfectly honest, the majority of them suck as I mentioned talking about Ginger Snaps. The few gems we get are very precious to me. Even if you are not a fan of horror, I would say Wolfman is worth your time for a watch, as it is an engaging drama, powerful script, shot beautifully, set design and costumes are breathtaking, and no one is slouching on the acting in this one! My top pick if you are only going to watch one horror flick this year.

Crimson Peak

“Beautiful things are fragile… At home we have only black moths. Commitable creatures, to be sure, but they at lack beauty. They thrive on the dark in a cold.”

I will be the first to admit that when it comes to set design and costumes with period pieces, I have zero knowledge on how accurately it was portrayed (George Washington probably did not wear Ginko Jeans, but am I sure of that?), that being said, they are absolutely stunning and gorgeous in this film. All three films in this post are just a pleasure to look at. Had a great time watching this film, but it is not for someone with a short attention span as it moves along quite slowly with only a few bursts of action throughout the film.

I will admit that one rather minor special effect did just rubbed me the wrong way, in which they showed snow turning red from the clay underneath, it just seemed very noticeable and “cheap” as an effect compared to a lot of the rest of the movie. Nothing major, it is only used a few times, and with the rest of the “nailed it” effects they did, this is flat out nitpicking on my part.

Update – Having just recently looked at his IMDB page, I was never aware Guillermo del Toro was the director of The Mimic …. was that a large part of why I liked the film that I was never aware of? I am guessing so.


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