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We are doing it again. Like giddy fools we are breaking down the teaser trailer for the Star Wars The Force Awakens.

Onto the show.

Star_Wars_The_Force_Awakens_Official_Teaser_2 (2)Various sounds including the hum of a lightsaber

Star_Wars_The_Force_Awakens_Official_SDWREK  Seems as if the civil war didn’t end the day the second Death Star was destroyed at Endor.

Huge likelihood that speeder is the same one we saw Rey on in the first trailer.  Exploring the ruins?

Also for saying that this isn’t Tatooine, but Jukka, they seem to be reusing some very special Twin Sun motif in the music here.

These are clearly OT era ships.  Note the engines on the X-Wing indicating it is a T-65.  That’s an Imperial Class Star Destroyer, compared to the “updated” Star Destroyer we see later in the trailer-note the position of the shield projector.

SWT201  Luke’s is the first voice we hear  “The force is strong in my family…”

Note the slight distorted echo.  Is this being said through The Force?

Star_Wars_The_Force_Awakens_VADER  “…my father has it…” Referring to his father in the present tense, that seems odd. Is Luke still visited by his father’s ghost? Also is it possible that Lord Vader could be viewed as a martyr by would be Sith, and this is a shrine to him that we see? The room seems dark shiny and evil.  

I think it’s important to note that this mask SHOULD be on Endor, and no one should know of its location.  The motivation of hiding the body of Vader is ascribed to Luke in lighting the funeral pyre.  That the mask now appears to be mounted on some sort of black pedestal bodes poorly for that.

Star_Wars_The_Force_Awakens_LUKER2“…I have it…” Oh no Luke, all the fleshy bits have fallen off of your robot hand. Is this a hint that Luke has lost some of his humanity? Also he is cloaked in black, ala goth Luke in ROTJ, but that white sleeve stands out, and feels Old Ben-ish to me.

We could be dealing with a white dress blue dress thing here due to the fire light.  I’m guessing that’s a brown cloak.

Star_Wars_The_Force_Awakens_Official_Teaser_2 (3)“…my sister has it.” Leia’s hand takes hold of the first Skywalker lightsaber. It was Anakin’s lightsaber, Luke’s lightsaber, and maybe now Leia’s lightsaber? Or perhaps there is another.

This lightsaber was once attached to a certain missing hand and was “lost” on Bespin.  That’s a huge deal.  Why is this being handed to who is presumably Leia?  How was it found?

SWT201“You have that power too.” Perhaps that other person is whoever Luke is addressing in this blackout  

Remember this is a reflection of how Luke tells Leia she is his sister in Jedi.  He’s now telling one of the new Characters that they are in his family, and they can use the force.  The question is, are they a child of Luke or Leia?  Considering how the last movie ended: Luke going off to be a lonely space wizard and Leia smooching Harrison Ford, we can probably take an educated guess.

Star_Wars_The_Force_Awakens_XMAS*Gut punch, you still have to wait longer


Star_Wars_The_Force_Awakens_POE X-wings on  the water, Rebels in the sky “The best freaking pilot in the galaxy.” Well put, Oscar Isaac

Note that these are Incom T-70s, the update to the old classic T-65

Great “Woo hoo” From Po Dameron.  It evokes adventure and excitement, as well as two beloved scoundrels helping to blow up two past death stars.

SWT202  So that’s how you use that thing


So who does BB-8 belong too?

It looks like that staff from the side of Rey’s Speeder

Note the TIE Fighter that’s presumably causing the explosions in the upper left quadrant of the shot.  The Empire is on to them!

Very North by Northwest in this frame.


SWT204Evilness to the max

The mask is similar to the mask of beloved EU Character Darth Revan

Is that a walker leg in the background?

Note the faint lens flare……

SWT214  This some Neo Empire, or Second Sith Empire?

The Correct Terminology, Coming out of Celebration is “The First Order”

So those TIE Fighters are black. And who is that standing so ominously beneath the crimson banner, that only looks slightly like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers logo.

Also, once again from a location perspective, notice we are on an Ice Planet.  The Nazi imagery is very strong here.

SWT206  What are you looking at Rey?

SWT207  Jus’ some TIE Fighters.

SWT208That TIE is killing it’s own kind, brutal.

These two tone TIE Fighters are a super sweet aesthetic design choice for the movie.  Also, the “flying storm trooper” in this shot is a real indicator of the level of stunts and effects we can expect.  If he is CGI, that’s the best CGI body movement I’ve seen.  It appears to be all practical.

Star_Wars_The_Force_Awakens_HELMET  Finn finds himself in danger, and the way he reacts to it pulls him in to the story. Also he is a stormtrooper.   Is that blood on your helmet?   “Don’t worry, I don’t think it’s mine.”

SWT209  This suttles wings go to 11.

What caught my eye in this scene was the “screwdriver nose” on the Star Destroyer.  This is clearly a new take on an old classic.  Also note the movement of the Shield Projector to the center of the Conning Tower.

SWT215  He’s a different color than the other bad guys, he’s probably a boss.

My questions revolve around the rest of the background: There appears to be exposed rock on either side of this figure, reflecting that red light.  Is this an underground Imperial Base?  Does this indicate anything in terms of their relative power structures? Similar to the rebels hiding on Hoth?

Further, you’re assuming that this is a “he” but we know that Gwendolyn Christie has been cast, and the latest rumors indicate she’s going to be a Stormtrooper.  Maybe this is her?

SWT216Parsecs are a distance not a time, foolish meat bag Solo.

SWT212  Rey is a scavenger in a ship graveyard on Jakku; after meeting another character, her adventure begins.  

SWT213   I wonder who she meets?

Star_Wars_The_Force_Awakens_FALCON  “It’s like a poem-It rhymes” – George Lucas

Like a glove

This appears to be a DIFFERENT ship than the Star Destroyer in the opening scene of the trailer and possibly not a Star Destroyer at all.  It lacks the signature conning tower.  Could wherever this is be a Starship Graveyard?


We should shout out the Empire’s increased use of color in things like the Two Tone TIE Fighters, the Splash of Red here, the Imperial Banner and the Black Uniform Trooper.

Star_Wars_The_Force_Awakens_Official_Teaser_2 (4)  “Chewie, we’re home.” Yay!  

Love the costuming choice here for Solo.  Updated, but evocative. And maybe a little Indiana Jones.  Also, since that appears to be Chewie’s Bowcaster and Han’s trademark BlasTech DL-44, we must ask ourselves the question “Why are Han and Chewie boarding the Falcon with guns drawn?”

SWT221  *Surprise gut punch

What an awesome surprise.  I will probably see it in 2D first, but I will definitely also be seeing it in IMAX 3D (Assuming it isn’t awful)



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