Threadbare Geek – Do You Work Out In The Danger Room?


So it’s time to resurrect the one of my pieces from the Ol’ Loaded Dice Blogcast days, Threadbare Geek. A series based around Geeky Fashion, and Nerd Style. So strap in cats and kittens.

It is a new year, and if there is one thing that I’ve noticed is that the gym is way more crowded, due to the resolution makers. Which is cool, because trying to be a better you is nothing to be a ashamed of. The thing that bugs me is that I have always had a hard time finding gym clothes that are really my style, and I sure I’m not the only one. So I went on a hunt for some, and I’m pretty happy about it.

Tanks, & Racer-backs:

 Product Image 

There is a huge trend in inspiration shirts, most of which are lame, but I have been pumped by the ridiculously geeky ones that have been popping up.


Cobra Kai funny 80s karate dojo kid movie costume retro hip cool no mercy new - Hoodie - sweatshirt apparel clothing - IIT147 I'm Going to the Gym Sweater - Pokemon Shirt, Pokemon Sweater, Anime, Retro, Gaming, Geek, Tshirt, T Shirt, shirts, apparel, clothing,   

I don’t generally work out in sweatshirts, though I do like to have them for cool downs, or for the walk back to a cold car.

Shorts & Pants:

         Harry Potter House Lounge Pants - SLYTHERIN          Product Image   Images of Star Wars Jedi Academy Mesh Shorts

Workout bottoms with a nerd’s bent are less common, unless you rock pj pants for home exercising (Please, do not wear PJs to a proper gym for my sake), in which case you won’t have a very hard time finding bottoms.

Some final notes: You don’t need to wear all of these items together.  Mix it up with some civilian wear. Also, always rinse, or fully wash your gym clothes after a workout to make them last longer, because sweat will stain them, and will also allow stinky bacteria to grow in the fibers.


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