The Boozeroom: Season 3 Episode 4 Contempt



“Does your podcast begin, ‘Dear Penthouse…’?”

Hey, guys.  Welcome back to the Boozeroom, wherein Kevin and Dubs tackle the deep depths of the final season of Aaron Sorkin’s HBO opus, The Newsroom.  Here’s their take on Season 3, Episode 4:  Contempt.

Kevin and Dubs traverse this, ahem, plot-driven Newsroom episode.  Discussed within:  old white man dances, legal small clothes, bending of spacetime to reach Washington D.C., the efficacy of guinea pig props, lack of umbrellas (and directorial skill) and GOOD GOD levels of gaudy jewelry.  DAT RING WAS FAT.

He who listens to the Boozeroom prays infinity plus one times.

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