The Boozeroom Season 3 Episode 5: Oh, Shenandoah – Part I



Snowden is watching.

Hello, down there!  Dubs and Kevin climb back up their ivory tower to bring you a rather belated (and segmented) edition of the Boozeroom.  This episode focuses on “Oh, Shenandoah,” the fifth episode of the third season of Aaron Sorkin’s HBO thinkpiece, the Newsroom.

Disclaimer:  Some big stuff goes down in this episode.  Listener discretion vis-a-vis spoilers is more advised than usual.

In this episode, Dubs and Kevin point out Edward Snowden’s mug, go to jail with a ghost, try their best to drown their privilege in a bathtub whilst talking about rape culture and say goodbye to a dear friend.

Should you skip this episode of the Boozeroom?  “No, sir.”

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“Aaron Sorkin is still terrified of women on the internet” by Emily Yoshida, The Verge

“Aaron Sorkin addresses the Newsroom rape controversy, confirms working to put plays on TV” by Alicia Lutes, Nerdist


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