Learn About Beer Episode 6 – Belgian Witbier


Listen to Dan McD tell the story of Belgian Witbier, a thousand-year-old style of beer that fell out of favor in the 20th century and had stopped being brewed, and the single man who brought it back from the dead to a place of prominence in the beer pantheon.


Belgian Witbier from the BJCP Style Guidelines


White Ale:

White IPA:

When I was in Delaware to run the marathon, 3rd Wave, a local Delaware brewery, was the official craft beer partner of the race (or something like that). They were pouring a white IPA called Run Wit It at the finish. As I mentioned on the show, I’m not particular partial to this hybrid style of beer, but this one was better than most I’ve had. They actually did a decent job trying to balance the characteristics of the two styles, rather than just letting them fight it out.

Pierre Celis

Pierre Celis, Maestro of White Beer – This piece was written before Mr. Celis passed away in 2011.

Pierre Celis: A Conversation in Hoegaarden



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