Learn About Beer Episode 8: Beer Tourism, or What I Drank On My Summer Vacation


Summertime is vacation time, and a great time to learn about beer by going on a beer-cation. Beer Tourism is a real and growing industry, as beer lovers trek across the country and around the world to visit new breweries and old favorites, or seek out the local beer scene on their annual family trip.  Visiting breweries, taking tours and talking to brewers or staff is one of the most fun ways to expand your knowledge of our favorite drink.

Breweries mentioned in this episode:

State Brewers’ Associations

Beer Tourism Companies

The Maine Brew Bus

The Maine Brew Bus Company takes customers on a prescribed tour of three Maine beer destinations.

The Brewers Association, which represents thousands of craft brewers throughout the United States, has a list of notable beer trails across the country.

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  1. I know you mention going to Budweiser if you’re ever in St. Louis, and I understand that, but make sure you make time for Schlafly, particularly in the evening. Amazing beer (Some of my highest rated on Untapped), beautiful brewery and they always have something fun going on as well. If you’re on a beercation, it can’t hurt to have some entertainment!

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