Loaded Dice Cast Episode 74: STAAAARRR WARRRRRRSSSSSS!!!!11!!!1



The Force Done Been Woke

Hello, internet!  We’re back, and so is Star Wars.

A word to the wise, this is a super spoilery cast.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.  If you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet, go do that.  By the way, why are you on the internet?  Stay away!  Go back to a rotary phone!

In any case, the guys get together at Loaded Dice Network Global Headquarters to break down hard and long on the new Star Wars film.  The light side of liking the movie, Kevin, Andrew, Josh, Matty G and Dubs, square off against the agents of the meh side, Dan McD, Derek and John.  Beers are drank, jokes are told, feathers are ruffled, canon is disputed, theories are advanced and all because STAR WARS IS BACK, Y’ALL!


None, but you should probably stop by your local talky theater before engaging with the human race.


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The cheesus media of the Loaded Dice Network, Dubs is the executive producer and host of several LDN shows such as Sauct, Not So Silent Protagonists and The Last Bender, as well as a core Loaded Dice Cast member. Dubs enjoys Final Fantasy (drink), Megaman (drink again), Metal Gear Solid (keep going), the Legend of Zelda (just finish the bottle), brown liquor and clinging to his plebe console gamer/Japanophile ways. Rumor has it that Loaded Dice Network was launched as a vehicle for Dubs to opine and wax jocular, as his considerable sloth disallowed him from conveying liquid awesome into the world through written word.


  1. Dawson, no it's David on

    Dawson here,

    Boy was that a bit of a intense epp… For a guy who’s against religion as a whole, Dubbs got kinda preachee, but it was fun.
    I’m on Dan Mcdee side, as far as the flick goes, it was a great star wars story, with a great cast, exceptional production and VERY good direction, but “Empire strikes back.” Was better.
    I did LOVE the way the Force was ‘felt’, as in Kylo Ren’s tricks, and the sound effect throbbing that we got. I’m still convinced that Finn is Force sensitive.
    Boys, yah got me all a tear ee eyed when I saw this in my podcast feed, so thank you very much.

    • Thanks for listening.

      Part of the preachniness I think is that I read this movie as a sort of group discussion about what this awesome thing called Star Wars is, and that’s going to ignite some passions and emotions. We’ve got a Part II coming down the line to better illustrate what I mean. In any case, my biggest take away is that this flick works on a number of different levels.

      As for Empire, I mean, yeah, I love me some Empire as well. I’ve sort of rejected the notion of “this one is better, that one is better”…To me, TFA stands along side the OT quality-wise and is a worthy successor. I could say it’s better than Empire no more than I could say Jedi or ANH are better than Empire. They’re all awesome in their own ways. And, I think we call agree, TFA was orders of magnitude better than the prequels.

      • I’ve adopted a similar policy. My gut tells me that The Force Awakens is the greatest Star Wars film of all time.

        This is an absurd claim, and not unlike that of a teenager proclaiming that he will never be more in love with someone than he is with his current girlfriend.

        I thoroughly and totally lack the perspective, distance and time to accurately make that statement. Particularly in a world where I have mulled over the original entries to the series for a fucking lifetime.

        So, I will hold TFA in a realm apart. Like a puppy who is not yet ready to play with the big dogs. But I’ve seen the movie 4 times now, and I have a feeling, when its time to put that puppy into the playpen, it’s going to more than hold its own.

        In the meantime, I’m just going to enjoy it, and say “It’s pretty great!” and be more than contented with that.

        IN the words of 3-PO, “It’s good to see you old friend”

        • You see Kevin this is where you get everything wrong! >:D The good part of that scene wasn’t the sentimentality, it was what happened next. R2 says something obnoxious and C-3PO takes offense and slaps him on the dome. THAT is some classic Artoo and Threepio right there. I laughed out loud at that bit.

  2. I see multiple comments & this makes me so happy!
    2016: Loaded Dice Network (comment section) Awakens!
    What I loved most about this episode is that it is so well balanced. I wouldn’t have expected anything less from Loaded Dice cast, but it is always refreshing to hear an opinion that I don’t necessarily share.
    I *AM* on the Force Awakens fandom train. I love this “palate cleanser” film as much as the original trilogy (it reignited my original passion from when I was a kid) so it was fantastic to listen to cast members voicing their passion & love, but I also appreciate & understand the honesty, thoughtful discussion & criticism offered by the cast members that liked the film, but not on the same level as I do.
    Fantastic episode!!!

    • Thanks BK. We have gotten an inordinate and unexpected amount of fun out of debating it. As much as friends yelling at each other over pretend space wizards is silly and you shouldn’t yell at your friends, the occassional ebullience of tempers is acceptable collateral damage when it means that we have something that we can be so damn passionate about. “The prequels suck” is a boring opinion that we all shared, so for people to vehemently defend this new film, and take exception to detractors tells me that we have something special on our hands, and we’re in a brave new world.

      For what it’s worth, I’m glad you’re on the sensible side of things ; )

  3. I’d like to share this great film analysis with Loaded Dice crew, & fans of the podcast alike. I am biased, as I am a huge fan of Chris Stuckmann, but this is a good supplement to this episode of Loaded Dice Cast.

    • Nice find, Beeker.
      I actually wasn’t even particularly bothered by the stuff that even this guy didn’t like, but let’s not cry over spilled moof milk.

      • Anytime Dubs! 🙂
        I’m with you; I wasn’t bothered by what Chris Stuckmann didn’t like either.
        I really enjoyed hearing was Chris’ analysis of the cinematography, & how the focus was primarily on the characters. I may not be able to see SWTFA again at the cinema, but I know I will enjoy many a beer & Bluray session in the future. When that time comes, I look forward to not only leisurely viewing, but also prying deeper into this new chapter into our favourite film saga.

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