Loaded Dice Cast Episode 75: Meta Force Be With You (AKA, The Force Awakens Part II)



“The Jedi, the Dark Side… …  It’s true; all of it.”

Hey there, cyberfolk.  I hope that you guys aren’t done talking about the cultural phenomenon that is Star Wars:  The Force Awakens because we sure as Sith ain’t– we ain’t dealt with the meta just yet.

In this episode, Kevin, Dubs, Josh and a tardy Evan get together to explore the aspects of The Force Awakens only hinted at by our first episode, namely the meta- and subtextual commentaries the film provides about the cultural institution of Star Wars.  Does Dubs have crazy theories?  Is he having delusions of grandeur?  Is he on the right track?  The answer to all of these questions is unequivocally yes.  (ed:  You wrote the post, you jackass. You’re hardly in the position to make qualitative judgments!)  (dubs:  Shut the fuck up.)

Find out why Dubs sobbed big, masculine, salty tears during the credits of Star Wars:  The Force Awakens (hint:  mind-altering substances and legitimate film study were equally involved).

When Rey hands it to you, grab the lightsaber; YOU are the rightful heir to Star Wars!


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The cheesus media of the Loaded Dice Network, Dubs is the executive producer and host of several LDN shows such as Sauct, Not So Silent Protagonists and The Last Bender, as well as a core Loaded Dice Cast member. Dubs enjoys Final Fantasy (drink), Megaman (drink again), Metal Gear Solid (keep going), the Legend of Zelda (just finish the bottle), brown liquor and clinging to his plebe console gamer/Japanophile ways. Rumor has it that Loaded Dice Network was launched as a vehicle for Dubs to opine and wax jocular, as his considerable sloth disallowed him from conveying liquid awesome into the world through written word.

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