Loaded Panels Episode 002: Comic Crossovers & The Geeks Who Love Them


The boys chit chat about comic crossovers of all sorts, from their favorites to some that may have scarred them for life. Oh, and who doesn’t want to spend nearly five minutes hearing about Evan and Ian’s theory theory of ghost-blowjobs in the Ghostbusters universe? John giggles as none of them realize he has been making spectral booty calls for years now.

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You can find out more about Ian’s new show Distinguished Gentlemen at @dstngshd and their website dgpod.com (formally Comic Cabal Cast) somewhat soonish, if you believe the lies that Ian prophesied on this podcast.

Big thanks to THE BAGS for allowing us to use the theme song “I Really Wanna Go” from their album Mount Rockmore. You can find more information about the band, including merchandise, at http://thebags.org/


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  1. Another great episode guys! Well done!

    A couple of crossovers that I think are worth mentioning:

    Hulk/Pitt (watching Hulk and Pitt cleaning up on a football field, scattering the players like leaves was amazing), Witchblade/Tomb Raider (completely forgettable for me, but a good concept), Azrael/Ash (I’m a huge Azrael fan, and apparently this was a hidden gem), Lobo vs The Mask (I never read this , and every day when I get out of bed I relive the shame of not buying it).

    On the topic of cameos: I’ve seen in panels that the Sinestro Corps that have a Yautja (Predator), and Xenomorph (alien) in their ranks. That always tickled my pickle.

    To finish of, if I can add a couple of my all time favourite crossover wishes to your draft:

    Calvin and Hobbes meet Timmy and Pitt.

    Marvel Knights: Blade and Punisher’s 30 Days of Night.

    Daken vs Predator. (This is in honour of his brutalization in the pages of Wolverines. It really could be any of the Wolverine legacy characters such as Sabretooth or X-23, but in my opinion Daken needs a time to shine again.)

    Killer Croc vs Crocodile Dundee. (I desperately want this as a book.)

    Keep up the great work guys! I look forward to next month!

    • Welcome back, Beekay!

      Man you have a great list I don’t even know where to begin. I consulted the magic eightball and it said “start at the top, you dumb prick” . . .

      I am pretty sure I never read Hulk/Pitt, Witchblade/TR, or Azrael/Ash, but I do recall two of those them being a “thing”. Hulk and Pitt is a no brainer of things to mash up in my opinion, and I might track that one down after this reminder. Not gonna lie, I was one of those guy’s who was a complete sucker for Pitt! Never got into Spawn or Wildcats (outside of 3.0 after some buddies here kept raving about it). As for Lobo/Mask, I owned that one and I am pretty sure it joined my buddy’s collection after he started recollecting all the Lobo stuff awhile back. I recall liking it, but to be honest can’t remember much from it. Azrael is has a rabid fanbase, and to be honest, I really enjoyed his time as Batman and even the very few solo things or guest appearances I read him in.

      Calvin and Hobbes mashups are actually my jam! (mostly since there is so little official merch coming from C&H). But I can see that crossover working in a really dumb sort of way, especially is they drew the whole thing into Watterson’s style. Or maybe Spaceman Spiff crashlands onto a Planet Pitt got shot to by his “friend” Timmy decided he was too dangerous for the planet. Calvin and Pitt teamup to overthrow tyrannical monarchy on this planet, and we can call it PLANET PITT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I swear there were rumors years back that 30 Days of Night and Blade might do a crossover, that one is just begging to be made.

      Daken is gonna mess up that spider-faced goon! Speaking of which, why hasn’t Predator invaded the Goon universe yet? That could be some hilarious hijinks and brutal kills on both sides. Plus they are both at Dark Horse! MAKE THIS ONE HAPPEN!

      Killer Croc vs Croc Dundee wins it. Hands down. Everyone else should just go home.

  2. The ghost blowjob scene is TOTALLY a dream. That’s why it cuts to him rolling over and falling out of bed (fully clothed). As part of the montage, the point is to show that they’re now working so much that it’s affecting his sleep. Also, to be funny.

    • I really think the scene had a hidden meaning about the controversial decisions and abuses of power that Lincoln took during his time as President. I am putting together a powerpoint documentary to break this down frame by frame.

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