Loaded Panels Episode 004: Comics Yahoos


Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! The boys get easily distracted and ramble a lot, but eventually they get around to answering some very difficult questions asked on YAHOO ANSWERS. And if you think this sounds like we are ripping off My Brother My Brother And Me then you obviously are correct and please dont tell them so they don’t sue us since they can afford some high class lawyers with all that Totino’s dollar dollar bills! John seduces Ian onto the show, and then blackmails Joe to also join him.

You can find out more about Ian’s new show Distinguished Gentlemen at @dstngshd and their website dgpod.com (formally Comic Cabal Cast) somewhat soonish, if you believe the lies that Ian prophesied on this podcast.

Joe spends far too much time on his podcast TWO HEADED NERD with his partner in kinky crimes Matt baum, and you can find their show at twoheadednerd.com and for a special bonus check out these two episodes of THE LEGION OF THE NOT MATT BAUMS where John and friends trash THN:



John – @burntweiners

Ian – @Ian_Face

Joe – @joepatrick116 or @twoheadednerd

Big thanks to THE BAGS for allowing us to use the theme song “I Really Wanna Go” from their album Mount Rockmore. You can find more information about the band, including merchandise, at http://thebags.org/

The comics John was trying to recall while talking to Joe is GROUNDED Vol 1: Powerless which is pictured below along with some images of FRAGMENTS OF HORROR.




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