Loaded Panels Episode 005: Conventions Schamentions


John gets horribly lazy and does the next best thing to a flashback episode . .  he drops acid in people’s drinks and records people having flashbacks about conventions they have been to! YEAAHHHHHHHH! But seriously, come check out the great convention stories from some very awesome people … and Kevin.

John – @burntweiners

Big thanks to THE BAGS for allowing us to use the theme song “I Really Wanna Go” from their album Mount Rockmore. You can find more information about the band, including merchandise, at http://thebags.org/

If you like the music playing during Dubs portion, you can check out this youtube channel where you can find more by Songe and find links to buy some of his songs: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy2QShQ-gygHeXf1mkMkL_A

If you like the music playing during Sean’s part, it is from one of my favorite hip hop groups named Doomtree (actually a P.O.S. solo instrumental track, but original song has lyrics) and you can find more of their songs here as well as links to where you can purchase them: https://www.youtube.com/user/DoomtreeRecords



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  1. This is a fan-friggin-tastic episode! I really enjoyed everyone’s contributions to make this happen. Cheers all round!

    On a small side note, I absolutely loved how Dubs had the acoustic Vega theme playing in the background (Songe is an amazing cover artist),

    • Hey hey! Always appreciated, thank you!

      Also, big thank you on the reminder, I forgot to link up to a couple youtube accounts in the show notes for the music by Sonje and P.O.S./Doomtree. Love a lot of Sonje’s work, and P.O.S. and the Doomtree crew are probably favorite hip hop group in the history of ever.

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