Loaded Panels Episode 006: Bury My Beer At Wounded Knee


Dan finds himself ensnared in the Loaded Panels net trap and is forced to talk about beer and comics with John so he can return back to his family . . . but they can smell the human scent and reject him! But before that we talk to him about THE COMIC BOOK STORY OF BEER

You can find Dan over at the LDN Podcast Learn About Beer!

John – @burntweiners

Dan – @learnaboutbeer or @DanMcD674

Big thanks to THE BAGS for allowing us to use the theme song “I Really Wanna Go” from their album Mount Rockmore. You can find more information about the band, including merchandise, at http://thebags.org/

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  1. The comic shop you’re looking for, DanMcD is Fat Moose Comics in Whippany, NJ. Owned by the same folks from Highlander Games in Boonton Although Dewey’s Comic City in Madison is also very good.

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