Loaded Panels Episode 008 Pt 1: What is your name, Ion?


Just a quick show note – this will be a two part show, with the second half coming next week, Ian and John both know how to talk forever and one of them is really talented at not saying anything of substance while all that blabbing is going on.

Annnnyyyyways, John and Ian actually get around to talking about comics on this show after much random talk at the top of the show. Things talked about include: improper pizza docking, cute child interruptions, booze, chicks, how to solve the economy, global events and potent potables.

John – @burntweiners

Ian – @ian_face

Big thanks to THE BAGS for allowing us to use the theme song “I Really Wanna Go” from their album Mount Rockmore. You can find more information about the band, including merchandise, at http://thebags.org/



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