Loaded Dice Cast 81: Colleen Doran LIVE at Terrificon



A live podcast with Comics Legend Colleen Doran

Colleen Doran created the foundational work A Distant Soil when she was 13 years old and has been an artist and writer on many of your favorite projects: The Walking Dead, Sandman, The Vampire Diaries.  She has worked as a conceptual artist for Lucasfilm and Disney.  She’s illustrated the graphic novel Gone to Amerikay, and worked with Stan Lee on his graphic novel autobiography The Amazing Fantastic Incredible Stan Lee.  Now, she’s releasing a Graphic Novel adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Troll Bridge.

In between a lifetime of art and story, she apparently felt like slumming it (or maybe lost a bet).  And so, Colleen Doran joined Loaded Dice Cast for an afternoon at Terrificon, Connecticut’s Terrific ComiCon to discuss her lifetime of adventure, dedication and beautiful art.

We were so thrilled to have Colleen on the podcast.  We got to discuss her process, her painstaking research, her artistic influences, and were the beneficiaries of her lifetime of experience in the comics industry.  Further, Colleen Doran is a trooper.  She put up with all of our nonsense while in the throes of a case of Bronchitis.


Please check out her work below, and we hope you enjoy the opportunity to learn at the feet of a master.  We certainly did.  Without any further ado, our interview with the Creator of a Distant Soil: Colleen Doran!


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