Loaded Dice Cast Episode 78- CODENAME: PAX (PAX EAST 2016)



An annual pilgrimage to Boston, preserved in amber

Extremely late in coming, but no less welcome for it, we present to you our annual special, Live from PAX East, our home away from home where we recharge our batteries, observe the harbingers of what is to come, check in with our tribe, and contemplate our growing obsolescence.


This year we had a huge roundtable of cats and kittens from the Loaded Dice family, all of whom you have heard before, on one of our podcasts or another.  Ian, Andrew, Derek, Kevin, Matty G, Mikey C, and even one PAX virgin: Justin.  Lady LoadedDice hereself, Gretchen, even makes an appearance.


We discuss the games we saw, the times we had, the weirdness, the cosplay, and the partying.  The BoozeCube, as always, had a profound effect on our weekend (and digestive systems).


We hope you enjoy this special podcast, we mean to invite you in to our trip and enjoy it with us.  So kick back, drink some Harpoon, and enjoy this evening in March 2016, preserved forever.  A special time.


About Loaded Dice Cast:

Loaded Dice Cast is the premiere inconsistently produced, always thoughtful, thoroughly booze soaked, intermittently released geek culture podcast.  Started in 2013, in a fever dream of inspiration, combined with the crushing reality that Kevin LoadedDice will never be in a band, we undertook a project to record conversations amongst friends, over beers, in hopes that we can share our love and understanding of geek culture, from board games, to movies, to sci fi, to video games to comics, and by doing so, perhaps contribute to it.  We hope you enjoy our trademark meandering, exploratory and analytical approach to our little tribe.  Cheers!

Show Notes:

PAX East

The BoozeCube


Total War:Warhammer

Justin’s Twitch Stream




Kevin LoadedDice


Matty G





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Kevin Loaded Dice is the Chief Idiot in Charge of the Loaded Dice Network. A passionate nerd. He's a fan of board games, video games, card games and sports (nerds can like sports too!). He wanted his smart friends thoughts to be broadcast to the world, and he realized they were far too lazy to write blog posts. So he put a microphone in front of them and hit "record." Thus, Loaded Dice Cast and the Loaded Dice Network.

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