Loaded Dice Cast Episode 79: CAMP-PAIN CFYIAW ’16



A fireside chat.  No bears this year though…


Our Annual Nerd Tribe tradition continues on Loaded Dice Cast as the assembled masses gather for their early summertime Camp Fuck You I’m A  Wizard.  As is tradition.

Huddled around a fire, familiar faces and new voices of various levels of inebriation recount their Camp Experience and reflect upon why it is important to gather together to be giant adult babies for a weekend.
Spoiler alert, we played laser tag.  It was amazing.

About Loaded Dice Cast:

Loaded Dice Cast is the premiere inconsistently produced, always thoughtful, thoroughly booze soaked, intermittently released geek culture podcast.  Started in 2013, in a fever dream of inspiration, combined with the crushing reality that Kevin LoadedDice will never be in a band, we undertook a project to record conversations amongst friends, over beers, in hopes that we can share our love and understanding of geek culture, from board games, to movies, to sci fi, to video games to comics, and by doing so, perhaps contribute to it.  We hope you enjoy our trademark meandering, exploratory and analytical approach to our little tribe.  Cheers!

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