Loaded Dice Cast Episode 80: Pokemon Go Go Bar



A discussion of gaming stigma, with (Poke) Balls

Loaded Dice Cast is here to talk about a phenomenon that puzzles us:  Ya’ll look at us sideways when we tell you about video games, board games or card games, but adults have built entire cities (Las Vegas, Atlantic City) around gaming.  American Sundays are taken up watching football.  American weekdays in the fall are taken up talking about playing fantasy football.  And yet, here we are.


But a wild new phenomenon has appeared!  Pokemon Go has taken over the world.  Augmented Reality has seemingly bridged a gap between traditional gaming, nerd gaming, and red blooded up standing adults, who do adulting things (and then capture imaginary creatures and talk about getting to level 5).


Come jump inside this exploration, live from Learn About Beer Studios, at the McD household, where Dan McD, Kevin, and two SURPRISE GUESTS join us to talk about Gaming, Stigma and the phenomenon of Pokemon Go.

About Loaded Dice Cast:

Loaded Dice Cast is the premiere inconsistently produced, always thoughtful, thoroughly booze soaked, intermittently released geek culture podcast.  Started in 2013, in a fever dream of inspiration, combined with the crushing reality that Kevin LoadedDice will never be in a band, we undertook a project to record conversations amongst friends, over beers, in hopes that we can share our love and understanding of geek culture, from board games, to movies, to sci fi, to video games to comics, and by doing so, perhaps contribute to it.  We hope you enjoy our trademark meandering, exploratory and analytical approach to our little tribe.  Cheers!

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