Loaded Ladies Episode 15: Warped Tour and CS:GO Gambling


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It’s episode 15 and there’s a LOT to discuss on this episode of Loaded Ladies.
In music, Lydia gives a great recap of her time at the Nashville Warped show, and this time she didn’t inadvertently steal CD’s! Alt Press lists their top 5 albums of 2016 (so far), and Apple (read: Skynet) wants to control your phones at concerts?!
In gaming, as many of you know about the CS:GO Lotto news, the ladies dig in and give their thoughts on what happened and what’s going to happen next. They also talk about the new mYinsanity’s ‘Heroines of the Storm’ team, and Gegury proving she’s just as good as the guys in Overwatch.
Strap in. Or strap on. Whatever blows your skirt up, and get ready to get Loaded with the Ladies of LDN.

Security guard holds a fan in a choke hold during Warped Show in Texas
Alt press put out a top 5 albums of 2016 (so far)
Apple gets patent that could prevent you from taking pictures and videos at concerts

mYinsanity forms a female only HotS team
Korea has a team with the ACTUAL first female pro HotS player.
The Two Pro Overwatch Players who quit bc a girl was better than them (and proved she wasn’t cheating)
Twitch adds “Social Eating” category and Social Writing
Twitch introduces Bits/Cheers
CSGO Betting Scandal





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