Not So Silent Protagonists: Chrono Trigger Episode 5 – A Plate of Sashimi in the Kingdom of Zeal


NSSP Chrono Trigger Ep 1

Happy 20th anniversary, Chrono Trigger!

Hello, fellow time travelling nerds!  ‘Tis us:  the Not So Silent Protagonists, back to bring you more navel-gazing about Squaresoft’s 1995 JRPG institution, Chrono Trigger.

In this installment, Dubs, Marshall and Ryan take you from the war to inherit the Earth at the Tyrano Lair in 65,000,000 B.C. to the magical and mysterious Kingdom of Zeal in a brand new time period, 12,000 B.C.

Along the way, we discuss the etiquette of prehistorical conscientious objectors, apocryphal tie-ins to Earth’s history, aloof felines, how special our auras are, Master Zhuangzi and what he has to do with bowling balls and sashimi (Ed:  during the podcast, Dubs attributes Zhuangzi’s quote to Carl Jung.  He was wrong.), and how many times Ryan can pee during one podcast.

Also, we answer our very first mailbag question from our good friend, BK.

Also, the Protagonists get waaaaay too drunk.

Another note:  Yoshinori Kitase and Yasunori Mitsuda?  Both very talented; not the same guy.

Ascend with us to the Kingdom of Zeal, dear listeners, for you are the Enlightened Ones.

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NSSP Chrono Trigger Episode 5 Show Notes:

Crazy Christian Theater:  Monster Energy Drink Lady

Tyrano Lair

Darkness of Eternity (Kuja Battle from Final Fantasy IX)

Dinosaurs! Magazine from the ’90s

Eyewitness Dinosaurs

Mushi-shi (Episode 1 dub – skip to ~7:45 for mushi evolution explanation)

Corridors of Time (now in three flavors!  OST, Brink of Time and Smooth McGroove)


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  1. Cheers Dubs, Ryan and Marshall!

    Thanks for answering my question on this episode, and double thanks for not doing it in an Aussie accent! I’m glad that you all answered the question without turning it into a bashing session on western rpgs (not that I think you guys would do that in any case) and each had insightful comments that I really appreciated you sharing.

    As for the future of The Not So SIlent Protagonist, I like Dubs’ suggestion of one of the Metal Gear Solid games as they have always intrigued me, even though I haven’t played any since the original Metal Gear Solid. I have an idea that you might pick one of the less popular Final Fantasy series to discuss , such as FFXII (one of my favourites), and even perhaps discuss a wetern rpg like: Baldur’s Gate, Planescape: Torment, or even the new Pillars of Eternity.

    Keep up the fantastic work on the podcast, gentlemen! Until next episode: Cheers!

  2. Hey, man.

    I totally should have responded to you weeeeeeeeks ago, but things have been crazy here in Dubsville. It’s a weak excuse, I know, but it’s all I’ve got!

    We did respond to your comment in the latest NSSP #6, so go ahead and give it a listen, which I know you will.

    Thanks for your support, BK. Your fandom truly spurs us on.

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