Not So Silent Protagonists: Chrono Trigger Episode 6 – The Ocean Palace is the Death Star



She’s more Mammon Machine than man now.

Greetings to our time-displaced listeners.  The Not So Silent Protagonists are back to take you through Square’s 1995 JRPG tour-de-force, Chrono Trigger.

Marshall, Ryan and Dubs are on hand to discuss a lengthy mid-game flavor quest, followed by the acquisition of the Wings of Time (better known as the Epoch), the ascension of the logically perplexing Mount Woe and the storming of Zeal’s ultimate stronghold, the Ocean Palace.

Through this podcast, the Protagonists tackle the important questions:  is Crono a nu?  Just what IS the deal with Mount Woe?  What happens when you feed a gremlin after midnight?  Should you even worry about the fake doors?  Does Dalton believe you, but his tommy gun does not?  Is Lavos GODDAMN MAGIC!?

Achieve immortality with this episode of the Not So Silent Protagonists:  Chrono Trigger.

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Just remember, kids–  This episode brought to you by bath salts.


FAKE DOORS!! (Rick and Morty)

Chalky Studebaker

If You’ve Only Got A Moustache (A Million Ways to Die in the West)

Don’t feed the Giga Gaia after midnight. (Pictures of Gizmo from Gremlins)

Sea Lab 2021 Theme

Ocean Palace Music (Brink of Time version)

Zell punchin’ stuff real hard-like.

Hiei’s Dragon of the Darkness Flame (YuYuHakusho)


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The cheesus media of the Loaded Dice Network, Dubs is the executive producer and host of several LDN shows such as Sauct, Not So Silent Protagonists and The Last Bender, as well as a core Loaded Dice Cast member. Dubs enjoys Final Fantasy (drink), Megaman (drink again), Metal Gear Solid (keep going), the Legend of Zelda (just finish the bottle), brown liquor and clinging to his plebe console gamer/Japanophile ways. Rumor has it that Loaded Dice Network was launched as a vehicle for Dubs to opine and wax jocular, as his considerable sloth disallowed him from conveying liquid awesome into the world through written word.


  1. What a great “meaty” episode! Fantastic job Dubs, Ryan & Marshall!

    Cheers for the shout out, and no need to apologise good sir Dubs! I knew I’d hear from you when you had the time. Fair points made on my suggestions for future seasons of NSSP. No matter what you all decide, I’m sure to tune in!

    As this was such a meaty episode, I am going to listen to it again. That’s right guys! I’m taking notes! There were a couple of points you all made that I feel deserve a very thoughtful response.

    Until then guys, I just wanted you all to know I’m really digging your fantastic work! Keep your MP topped up, as I’m looking forward to hearing from you all again on another episode!

    • Seriously…can we clone you? I always know I can expect a more than healthy ego massage from you when we release one of these behemoths. You truly get what Loaded Dice is about, brother. When your hit shows up on our analytics, we always get pumped.
      The fact that you’re going to take notes on us is bonkers in the best kind of way. It’s a level of meta higher than I think I’m familiar with, haha.
      But I’d love to hear your more in depth thoughts on what we said. Sometimes, I have a well reasoned point but many times I’m just throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing who is sausage enough to pick up the weird threads I weave and run and make something of it. I’m anticipating your analysis of our analysis.
      Oh! And you heard it here first– NSSPCT#7 is already in the can. It’s a special live cast with me, Ryan and Kevin (who was filling in. Marshall was busy and couldn’t make it, but the opportunity to live cast with Ryan, who lives 3,000 miles away from me was too good to pass up). It should be up next week. Get a giddy-up on that homework.
      Oh, and seriously, before you enter the Commons, make sure you have Ayla with you. Robo helps, too. But Ayla. For srs.

      • Sorry its been so long, and more so that the comments that I’m making aren’t so much of an analysis as much as me chin waggling away!
        When Spekkio talks about Ayla’s pragmatism, I think it’s almost a hint to her real value later (thanks for the hint to take her with me in the commons! You’re a life saver!).
        You all commented on this, but it was Marshall that really brought it to the fore, and that is: Is Chrono a Nu? It made me think, what if Nu is like a title of spiritual oneness with time? Much like a religious title such as the Buddhist Lama? It would certainly give credence to the behaviours of the race that call themselves Nu. Maybe their immortality, their calmness, their general “out of it” nature is because they have this innate connection with the flow of time?
        Ryan asks about the guy on the tree in Hades, being punished. I think he’s talking about Tantalus in Greek Mythology, who was banished to Tartarus and placed in a pool of water that would recede when he tried to drink it, and the apple branch that would pull away when he tried to eat (Yep, the Greek Gods are d!cks!).
        All your comments on the Kingdom of Zeal and Mount Woe where exactly as I thought of them. I thought that Zeal had this very Roman Empire-esque/Greek/Atlantis theme to it. One of power and might in military, science and magic. This being said, I totally agree with Ryan’s comments on Mount Woe being a symbol of power and a show of might, and although I also agree that it was odd that nothing more was really said about this wonder, I started to think that perhaps this is much the same thing as the ancient Colossus of Rhodes. How many local folk would comment about the looming monstrosity on their skyline? Especially if it was the work of the Queen herself, after all, any criticisms could have you exiled to the peaks of Mount Woe.
        I like that you gave a voice to Dalton, Dubs! The voice he ended up from me was the Earl Lemongrab from Adventure Time. He becomes very irritating, very quickly, and I think that’s his charm!
        Now without spoiling it for other listeners who may read these comments, the death of ‘You-know-who’ really shook me up. I honestly had to put the game down for while, and plan out how I was going to play the game from that point on. My whole party dynamic had been changed, and it then felt like a game of vengeance I was playing, as opposed to a world saving quest.
        Anywho, I hope my musings weren’t a disappointment! Cheers guys!

        • Awesome stuff, BK. I really like your comment about Marshall’s nus; not only is it the missing link that makes the whole shebang make much more sense, but I think I’ll read it on our next recorded episode (NSSPCT#8, that would be).
          The Earl Lemongrab thing is funny, too. I’ve watched some Adventure Time but I’m not real in the weeds on it, so I watched this video to get up to speed:
          I like the concept of Dalton saying things like, “The life of this woMAN MEAANS NOOOTTHHHIIINNNNGGG TOOOOOOO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!” or “I’m goiNG TO BEEE IMMMMORRRRTAALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!”
          Whew. He’s hard to translate into prose.

        • “My whole party dynamic had been changed, and it then felt like a game of vengeance I was playing, as opposed to a world saving quest.”

          No joke! When I was playing through the first time as a young teenager, I was FURIOUS and someone was gonna pay for this death! I became a group of Punishers. I became Jodie Foster in “The Brave One” . . . I became Wyatt Earp’s posse! EVERYONE WAS GONNA PAY!

    • A wild fan appears! Welcome to Loaded Dice.
      To be fair, most things Marshall says cause the X-Files theme (as well as sometimes the Twilight Zone theme and some of Stravinsky’s lesser-known concertos) to play on my brain-gramophone.
      As an example, early in our friendship, and without the slightest bit of lead-in context, Marshall very sincerely asked me, “Bryan, do you think that stars have souls?”

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