Not So Silent Protagonists: Chrono Trigger Episode 7 – Live From Death Peak




Robo locates the shaft; Frog locates the balls.

Hello, fellow surfers of the time stream!  Welcome back to the Not So Silent Protagonists:  Chrono Trigger, in which we weave together the mysteries of the eponymous Square 1995 JRPG.

Boy, do we have a treat for you on this installment:  A special NSSP live cast!  Ryan and Dubs get together, along with special guest party member, Kevin Loadeddice (Marshall was captured by Golbez and had to leave the party temporarily), over some Yards Brawlers and a common microphone to hash out this chunk of mid- to late-game Chrono Trigger.  Covered within is Dalton’s Icarus-conjuring Blackbird, an encounter with a mysterious stranger on the North Cape and our party’s final hope of ascending Death Peak.

Many questions are raised in this installment:  Who is the mysterious stranger that passed through the commons?  Is Ayla the world’s first furry?  What are Dalton’s goons doing behind that grate?  What does Lavos think of the petty bourgeoisie?  Why is that lady so obsessed with the Sunstone?  Is Crono pronounced “Krah-no” or “Kroh-no” (it’s Kroh-no, you dolt).

Also, Ryan gets into the world’s most passive-aggressive fight with a nu.

We’ve used the Chrono Trigger to bring you all here, listeners, for you are all important to the space-time continuum.  Replace the silence with the clone of the Not So Silent Protagonists.

And now that you have the Epoch and time is no longer a factor, surely you folks won’t mind subscribing and rating on iTunes.  And I know you all sure won’t mind leaving a few thoughts in our comment section below.



Chrono Universe Timelines FAQ (contains information about the Keystone timelines, but thar be spoilers here!)


Sealed Door




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  1. My chronometer is ringing and I am missing some more of these awesome podcasts! It has been a true joy to listen to all of you rave about what was truly my first love, chrono trigger. I do hope that life allows you to come back together and finish this epic podcast. But if not, thank you for what you did… God I love this game

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