SAUCT – Season 1 Episode 9: Solitary


House of the Rising Sun

They whisper, we podcast.

Hi-ho, Lost fans.  ‘Tis us, Sauct, back with another analysis podcast about the nearly 11-year-old serial genre object of our affection.  This episode, Dubs and Kevin tackle the ninth season one episode, the Sayid-centered Solitary.

In this episode, some big answers are given to some of the original questions of Lost, whilst dropping a whole slew of new proper nouns to tickle our collective pickle.  We examine the importance of names, the need to find one’s niche, how to explain the modern internet to someone from 1988, toys in the attic and even get real weird with a Tower of Babel analogy.

Also, some golf gets played.

Some context:  Murphy is a dog.  He looks like this.

Where is Alex?  I dunno, but listen to this episode of Sauct.

Editor’s Note:  Dubs thinks he’s a freakin’ genius when he starts talking about Tahiti and Fiji being on opposite ends of the globe.  He is so goddamned wrong.  Tahiti (or French Polynesia) and Fiji are both in the South Pacific, about 1,000 miles apart.  It is entirely feasible that the location of the Island, as we understand it, could be situated betwixt these locales.  To be fair, Dubs was thinking of Tunisia.  But let’s put a pin in that.  (Where are we getting all of these freaking grenades!?)

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General credit to Lostpedia.  They do a lot of the research we don’t want to.

Look at this friggin’ rainbow!

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Tower of Babel

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

“Intermezzo” from Bizet’s Carmen (the tune the music box plays)

Kevin and Evan on Lex Starwalker’s Game Master’s Journey (Part I, Part II, Part III)

American Pale Males


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