SAUCT Season 1 Episode 7: The Moth


House of the Rising Sun

You all, everybody…!

Uhhhhh…Hey, there.  Um, so it’s been a while.  Sorry about that.  We had Boozerooms and stuff to do.  So get off our case.

In any event, SAUCT is back from its half-year hiatus to bring you more navel-gazing about ABC’s 2004 serial-genre-ensemble-seminal-what-the-fuckery that was LOST.  Dubs and Kevin jump back in where they left off with the Moth, Season 1’s seventh episode [no, you’re not crazy; the last episode of SAUCT was Episode 5.  I’ve just corrected the numbering…so, no Episode 6.  Everyone got it?  Good… -ed].

This Charlie-centric episode guides Dubs and Kevin through a journey of hamfisted metaphors, cheesy fake songs, the Trials of Hercules and the consequences of ignorance about racist TV tropes and techniques.

Also, we get super in-depth about the significance and properties of triangles.  Like, way too in-depth.  Seriously, it’s just a polygon.

Bring SAUCT back into your earholes and become bloody rock gods.

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You All, Everybody

Five Stages of Grief


Simon of Cyrene

Turn Down For Spock


Labors of Hercules

Oh, Bugs Bunny, that’s NOT okay… (fast forward to 6:45 to be offended)

Go back to dropping acid, Roger!

BANJO! (okay, you get it…Blackface is bad, mm’kay?)  [Incidentally, this whole scene is great but I couldn’t find the entirety of it on the internet.  It’s from the 30 Rock Season 6 Live Show, if you’re interested.-ed]

Mad Men D.B. Cooper Theory


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