SAUCT – Season 1 Episode 8: Confidence Man


House of the Rising Sun

Life, Liberty and a Gen-You-Wine I-raqi.

Hello, fellow castaways.  SAUCT is back bringing you the fresh awesome on another episode of ABC’s 2004 cultural touchstone, LOST.

The SAUCT guys jump into this Sawyer-centric first season episode, “Confidence Man.”  Dubs and Kevin come from two very different angles on this one:  Kevin sees this episode as a meditation on the dialogue between enlightenment thinkers John Locke and David Hume (the philosophers, not the characters), while Dubs just thinks this is all about George W. Bush and ‘Murrica.

Tackled within:  Is the lie that tells the truth the truth?  Is your sheep my sheep if I shear it?  Does Sawyer want to do die?  Is Kate Hans Blix?  Do Australians really hate peanut butter?

Also, Kevin reveals the real meaning behind “The Long Con.”

Listen to this episode; it’s great!  …We wouldn’t lie to you, listeners.

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John Locke

David Hume


Private Property

Do you have a flag!?

Hans Brix!? Oh no…!

Occam’s Razor

The High Ground (Star Trek: TNG episode that Kevin mentions)

Stages of a Con

Definition of Cupidity

Blind Boys of Alabama

Women’s Soccer Pay Gap

I dissent.


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