The Last Bender Episode 3: The Coronation


Legend Of Korra Podcast

Book 4, Episode 3: The Coronation

Josh and Dubs fly in on sky bison back to deliver a new episode of The Last Bender!

Join their discussion on Book 4, Episode 3: The Coronation as they discuss underage beers, swamp critters, and Mark Twain’s wisdom.

Groans descend as the obvious pun of the episode title is released onto the interwebs for all time. (Korra Nation, GET IT?) (I prefer Corona-tion, GET THAT? (beer pun)-ed)

Prince Wu has a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, and the guys parse out if every doomsday scenario is a metaphorical atomic bomb (it is if you’re a Japanese major).

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Book 4, Episode 3: The Coronation Full Episode



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The cheesus media of the Loaded Dice Network, Dubs is the executive producer and host of several LDN shows such as Sauct, Not So Silent Protagonists and The Last Bender, as well as a core Loaded Dice Cast member. Dubs enjoys Final Fantasy (drink), Megaman (drink again), Metal Gear Solid (keep going), the Legend of Zelda (just finish the bottle), brown liquor and clinging to his plebe console gamer/Japanophile ways. Rumor has it that Loaded Dice Network was launched as a vehicle for Dubs to opine and wax jocular, as his considerable sloth disallowed him from conveying liquid awesome into the world through written word.

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