Whiskey Rebellion Episode XXI: Failure in the Cave



Tracking a rancor is harder than you’d think…


The Whiskey Rebellion Lifeday special continues, as we try to track down Fuhrry Behr’s own Mama Behr.  But how will the party find the Rancor that Cindy Wu Who has identified as the culprit?  And even if we find her, how can we rescue her?  Her life and lifeday are at stake, and our ragtag crew of misfits is the only group who can save her.

What mysteries will be revealed once we reach the cave of the rancor?

What lifeday miracles are in store?

How many female characters is our poor audience member going to play?

Show Notes:

Game Master’s Journey with Lex Starwalker

Cast of Characters:

The GM – Evan LoadedDice

Cal Maverick, Human Smuggler Pilot, Captain of the Spruce Bantha- Kevin LoadedDice

Dr. Wu, Ryn, formerly of the Jawas, heavy drug enjoyer-  Ted

Gha Zissk, Trandoshan Bounty Hunter Assassin, Hater of Wookies – Andrew

Fuhrry Behr, Wookiee Hired Gun Mercenary Soldier, All Around Nice Guy- Dubs LoadedDice

Billy Bob Wamprat, Human Explorer Survivalist, Swamp Critter of Dagobah- Gretchen (Mrs. LoadedDice)

R2-MO, Droid Technician Slicer, Very Sad Robot – Josh from The Last Bender

Roona Dax, Zeltron, Girl Explorer-   MAYA


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