Whiskey Rebellion Episode XXVI: Making Plans



Step 1, Get Captured

When last we left our heroes it was after successful completion of a Lifeday mission on Darkmoon.  But their troubles with Eno, Vhatiz Zissk and the Blackwings continue, as they are assigned a new mission to earn their freedom.

The group works with Eno to hatch a devious plan to capture the very same Interdictor cruiser that they had encountered prior to touching down on Darkmoon.  It has panache, it has complexity, it has very very little chance of success.  Just our style.



About the Whiskey Rebellion:

The Whiskey Rebellion is the Loaded Dice Network Crew and Friends playing the Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG, like friends do, and recording it to share with the world.  It is heavy on the comedy and laughs, as well as the booze consumed whilst playing.  Sometimes it is short on getting the rules right, and the audio can be less than optimal at times, but we think you’re going to have a great time anyway.  We love Star Wars and loving pretending we’re in it even more.  If you like laughs, beers, Star Wars and RPGs, this might just be the Podcast for you.  So pull up a chair at the table, and roll some dice with us!

Cast of Characters:

The GM – Evan LoadedDice

Cal Maverick, Human Smuggler Pilot, Captain of the Spruce Bantha- Kevin LoadedDice

Dr. Wu, Ryn, formerly of the Jawas, heavy drug enjoyer-  Ted

Gha Zissk, Trandoshan Bounty Hunter Assassin, Hater of Wookiees – Andrew

Fuhrry Behr, Wookiee Hired Gun Mercenary Soldier, All Around Nice Guy- Dubs LoadedDice

Billy Bob Wamprat, Human Explorer Survivalist, Swamp Critter of Dagobah- Gretchen (Mrs. LoadedDice)

R2-MO, Droid Technician Slicer, Very Sad Robot – Josh from The Last Bender

Roona Dax, Zeltron, Girl Explorer-   MAYA


About Author

Kevin Loaded Dice is the Chief Idiot in Charge of the Loaded Dice Network. A passionate nerd. He's a fan of board games, video games, card games and sports (nerds can like sports too!). He wanted his smart friends thoughts to be broadcast to the world, and he realized they were far too lazy to write blog posts. So he put a microphone in front of them and hit "record." Thus, Loaded Dice Cast and the Loaded Dice Network.

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