Beasts of the Week – 1/19/2015 Hololens, Zelda, & DIY



So the future is pretty determined to put things on you face, with the announcement of Microsoft HoloLens. It lets you play Minecraft in your house, and stuff. Personally I’m not 100% on this being a new form of computing until you can have real Holograms projected into your own view. After all, this is just really Augmented Reality to a fuller level than we have seen before. Also, I am wary, because this is the same team that developed much of the Kinect/Natal, and that got hamstrung at public release.

Zelda The Board Game ‘Redux’

So this was an awesome discovery: There was a 1989 Zelda board game. Oh yeah, and this guy zmilts on Reddit decided to translate it. Zelda Universe has a great breakdown of the project in it’s full glory.


So DIY culture has always been a pretty big part of our community, but the internet has made it more accessible, with sites like Instructable. In reality you can find inspiration, or straight direction from the big to little projects.


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