A Shame of Thrones: A Game of Thrones Podcast. Episode Nine: Battle of the Bastards


AShameofThronesLogo Well it’s episode nine of Thrones and you know what that means right? Typically a major character dies in episode nine….or a major battle. While there was a death (not really major) the battle scene was the main focus of this episode. However this episode actually did add in some extra scenes of another story line. I guess you could say they involved ‘bastards’ in a sense.
Dany returned to Mereen and just fucked everything up with Drogon. Yara and Theon arrived at the perfect timing to devote themselves to her, as long as they get the Iron Islands to themselves (and maybe Yara get a little piece of Dany?).
Up near Winterfell the battle that we’ve been waiting for probably all season commences. We won’t spoil it here, but let’s just say it does not disappoint.
“My hounds haven’t been fed for seven days.”

Next week is the finale! While it will be 69 minutes long, we feel like covering the rest of the story lines (at least enough to have a completion for a season finale) may or may not be covered! We talk about our predictions and hopes for the future of the series, even though the next two seasons will be shortened.

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