A Shame of Thrones: A Game of Thrones Podcast. Episode Ten: The Winds of Winter


AShameofThronesLogo Well we did it guys! We made it through ten episodes of Thrones! We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve argued, we’ve ripped our sleeves off and rolled our eyes, and now the finale has arrived! I think we can all agree this finale has to be the best one, if not the best episode in the entire series.
Because this is the finale, the pattern in this episode is each character ‘finding themselves’ and establishing their position.

Cersei and Loras’ trial has come, and Cersei finally gets her revenge. On everyone. Although the result does not bode well with young Tommen. Mad Queen maybe?
Word has traveled fast along with some of the characters. 6 months is narrowed down into 60 minutes as so much is stuffed into this episode.
In Dorne, Lady Olenna teams up with the sand snakes (we missed her snarkiness, didn’t you?) and a familiar friend….

Up North the Starks are reveling in their recent victory, but as we come to find out, Winter is here (thanks papa Ned for the heads up). Jon and Sansa work on their preparations for the war to come.
We finally see Bran go into the flashback we’ve all been waiting for. You know the one. And while we assume that the result is what we’ve been hoping for, there are still skeptics.

The countdown is on! 42 weeks until Season 7!

We want to give shoutouts to everyone that has supported the podcast all season. Everyone that has watched live, commented on twitch, YouTube and Twitter, we couldn’t have done this without your support.
To AnthonyAcc for providing our sick logo, and to everyone on the ‘panel’ for taking a couple of hours out of their Monday evenings to meet up and do this!
Also major shoutout to Kevin for allow us to host this on the Loaded Dice Network!
We hope everyone enjoyed tuning in as much as we enjoyed doing it.
See you next year! Winter is Here.

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